Trinidad & Tobago

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For centuries Trinidad and Tobago have been the epicenter of Carnival lore and flair.   Each year upwards of 800,000 people participate in a celebration of life, freedom, and culture.  


Carnival season in Trinidad & Tobago culminates the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.  These two days are not a spectator sport.   Your stamina will be tested with a sunrise parade called J’ouvert, which takes place in the early hours of Monday morning, followed by masquerading with your chosen band through the sun-soaked streets of Port of Spain on Tuesday.  Reveling in the streets alongside Jab Jabs covered in black grease and chains, 12ft tall ghost, with thousands of bewitched Caribbean hearts and souls from sun up to sun down is your only objective.  


Come and feel the love that’s in the air.  Join in with an entire nation of revelers self-indulgently engaging in the pursuit of bliss through heartfelt soca riddims, vibrant Caribbean colors, and an unmatched feeling of love and acceptance.

  • Total population: 1.2 Million 

  • Population between 15 – 64 years old: 832,688 

  • Language: English, Trinidadian  English-based Creole, Tobagonian English-based Creole, Caribbean Hindustani, Trinidadian French Creole, Spanish, Chinese Dialect

  • Ethnicity: East Indian 35.4%, African descent 34.2%, Mixed-Other 15.3%, Mixed-African/East Indian 7.7%, Other 1.3%, Unspecified 6.2%. 

  • GNI (Gross National Income): $7,932

  • Male to Female Ratio: 1.01 to 1.0

  • Homicide Rate: 30.9 per 100,000 people

  • Climate: Tropical; Rainy season (June to December)