Caribbean natives roam far and wide. To each new land, we take with us our heritage. You can find our collective identity gyrating through Notting Hill, Westbourne Park, Ladbroke Grove, and Kensal Rd to vibrations of riddims and bass the last Sunday and Monday of August. 


Notting Hill carnival was born in 1964 out of a need to bring a racially diverse community of Caribbean traditions and British legacy into harmony; it has become the second-largest carnival in the world.  It is proving that by moving as one, we can bring about significant change. 


Come play in the mud and chocolate (paint) on Sunday at “Dutty Mas” before joining in with over 70 bands drenched in glitter, feathers and jewels displaying every variation of the Caribbean diaspora on Carnival Monday otherwise known as “Pretty Mas”.  

  • Total population: 8.9 Million 

  • Population between 15 – 64 years old: 5.7 Million 

  • Language: English, Bengali, Silheti, Panjabi, Gujerati, Hindu, Urdu … 

  • Ethnicity: White British 44.9%, Asian 18.5%, White Other 14.9%, African descent 13.3%, Mixed 5.0%, Other 3.4%

  • GNI (Gross National Income): $43,160

  • Male to Female Ratio: 0.99 to 1.0

  • Homicide Rate: 30.9 per 100,000 people 

  • Climate: Temperate oceanic climate; Summer warm and peak travel time (June – September); Winter mild to cold (December – February)