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Over the course of six weeks, the people are Barbados wholeheartedly display their music, art, food and culture.  On the first Monday of each August, the zenith of these three months is a call to the streets for each and every native Bajan and visitor alike.   Kadooment day wraps up Crop Over or festival season with a grand parade of masqueraders dancing through the city streets before crossing the main stage to be judged on costume designs, and band enthusiasm.  

Kadoonment is a Bajan term meaning; a big occasion filled with fun and merriment.  The days building up to Kadoonment Monday are filled with decadent rum, loud music, bejeweled costumes and insurmountable joy.  

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  • Total population: 294,560

  • Population between 15 – 64 years old: 203,065

  • Language: English, Bajan English-based Creole 

  • Ethnicity: African descent 92.4%, Mixed 3.1%, White 2.7%, East Indian 1.3%, Other 0.2%, Unspecified 0.3%

  • GNI (Gross National Income): $15,912

  • Male to Female Ratio: 0.99 to 1.0

  • Homicide Rate: 10.5 per 100,000 people 

  • Climate: Tropical; Rainy Season (June to October)